AT YOUR APPOINTMENT: Carolyn will discuss any ideas you already have if any, and suggest trying on samples to see what inspires you. This will enable her to find the most flattering cut and fit for you, and also to see how you feel in the various dress styles, colours and fabric options.

FIRST STEP: The type of wedding and time of year you’ve chosen, your wedding theme and your figure all contribute to narrowing down the choice, so don’t be nervous, it’s quite easy and relaxed, and there’s no hard sell.

DESIGN PHASE: Carolyn will then draw up the design, with various options, for example the neckline and bodice styles, and once you’ve decided, she then takes your measurements and can start making your dress. Please note that bridal-maternity dresses are best made closer to the wedding date as you are probably growing a bit!

PERFECTING: On the first fitting, you will be trying on your exact dress, in the chosen fabric, nearly finished, so you can see how fabulous it is! Two to four more fittings and the dress is finished. Any changes can be made along the way (it’s rarely necessary), and if you lose weight, it’s taken in to get the perfect fit. Allow up to two hours for the first appointment. The average price of a bespoke wedding dress is around £1000.


“The cruise was amazing. I wore both dresses you designed for me, the red gown and the black sequin, and felt fabulous! Numerous comments: Fabulous… Spectacular… Amazing… Exquisite!”